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DIY Wood Gift Ideas

Did you recently finish a big project and now have leftover building materials scraps you are looking to utilize? Are you interested in gifting something creative to your family and friends this holiday season? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to flex your DIY muscles and try these gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Birdhouse & Mini Picnic Table

This gift is a staple piece for DIYers and custom woodworkers! Since cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects, it is the best choice for birdhouses. Keep the insects and pests away from the birds, and they’ll be happy (and so will you)! And if you’ve also got some hungry squirrel and chipmunk friends, you can try crafting a miniature picnic table out of cedar wood. Just like the birds, now they’ll have a place to indulge in some treats too.

You can shop our range of Cedar wood boards here.

wooden carved birdhouse on a post
DIY wood picnic table

Giant Jenga

A gift the whole family will enjoy! You can make your own giant version of the classic tumbling blocks game with any leftover 2×4 composite decking scraps of your choice. Our Z Warehouse — also known as Scratch & Dent products – offers a variety of less-than-perfect wood scraps for a great deal!

a woman playing with wooden blocks

Couch Arm Tray

a wooden tray resting on a sofa arm

Avoid spilling your drinks and snacks with a handy arm tray—no more reaching over an end table or ottoman! Hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry and walnut are the best selection for these projects since they are the most durable and will last longer.

Shop our hardwood selection here.

Photo Credits: https://foter.com/sofa-arm-tray

Wooden Coasters

Show off your creativity with hand-carved coasters! You can create yours into any shape you’d like! You can really use any type of wood for these—a soft wood like cedar or pine will result in a more rustic look, while a hard wood like maple or oak will offer more durability against wear and tear over time.

Shop the Warehouse ’71 lumber collection or check out our video on lumber below for more information.

Wine Rack

Perfect for those holiday get-togethers! This versatile option can be crafted big or small depending on your preferences—from small tabletop displays to larger shelves for the most serious of collectors. Meranti wood works perfectly for this project! You can shop our selection here.

Photo Credits: https://www.rusticcraftdesigns.com/bar-wine/personalized-wine-rack-rustic-wood-wine-display-5-bottle-unique-wedding-gift-5th-anniversary-gift-holiday-wine-accessories

a wooden rack holding upside down bottles of wine

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