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Warehouse ‘71 DIYer Success Stories

Welcome to “Warehouse ’71 DIYer Success Stories”— where we have the honor to proudly share our customers’ successful home remodeling projects. We love helping our customers and seeing their completed projects. We hope that this story will inspire you to choose Warehouse ’71 for your next project!

Patti — from Trumbull, Connecticut — had an old wooden deck that she and her husband wanted to replace. Originally, they had purchased decking from an alternative composite decking brand, which soon started to decay. Though the company was called, and part of the decking was replaced, the railing soon decayed as well. At this point, she and her husband began to feel disappointed and let down. They needed to purchase new decking material but were now feeling apprehensive about which brand to choose and which company to buy from.

Finding Warehouse ’71

After their negative experience of needing to replace their deck twice, Patti began researching composite decking brands and retailers online. She even checked out the lumber yards at her local home improvement stores for ideas. She found it difficult to get the guidance she needed to ensure she chose the right decking material that also hit her budget. Finally, she tried searching “discount decking”, and Warehouse ‘71’s website popped up. After the poor experience with her last decking project, Patti felt stumbling across Warehouse ’71 was too good to be true. However, her hesitation was quickly put to rest after she spoke with Chris on the phone.

“I appreciated how friendly, knowledgeable, and honest Chris was about the products Warehouse ’71 offers.”

DIY Project Planning with Warehouse ’71

With the help of Chris, Patti and her husband chose TimberTech Dark Teak Prime and Premier deck boards for their deck. The Premier deck boards were used for picture framing and the stairs. This decking is a capped composite, so they won’t ever have to worry about decaying or disintegrating deck boards. Also backed by a 25-year warranty, Patti and her husband have the confidence of the trusted TimberTech brand. They also purchased the TimberTech Evolutions black railing with optional drink rail.

“Purchasing from Warehouse ’71 was an easy decision to make due to its easy-to-navigate website, competitive prices, and superior customer service. Chris never made us feel silly for asking questions throughout the buying process, and he was able to put together exactly what we needed to order. Working with Chris and the rest of the Warehouse ’71 team felt like a breath of fresh air.”

composite deck railing and stairs
The Warehouse ’71 Difference

The difference between her first experience and her experience with Warehouse ’71 goes back to why Patti and her husband chose to purchase from Warehouse ’71 in the first place — because of the trustworthy and excellent customer service.

“My experience with Warehouse ’71 restored my faith in shopping for large home improvement projects.”

Feeling Inspired?

Shop the TimberTech® Decking

Our valued customer says she would tell anyone who may be starting a similar project to check out Warehouse ’71 right away.

“The customer service is worth it. Our deck looks amazing — even better in real life than in pictures.”

She and her husband are making plans to invite guests over for a “deck-warming” party. They are especially excited to show off their new deck to the rest of the family. They also might be making plans to add a new porch to their home.

“If this happens, we’ll know just where to go first!”

decking with patio furniture

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