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Frequently Asked Questions

General Warehouse '71

  • We are open Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm ET

Discount Decking, Discount Siding Products

We sell closeout inventory of premium decking, siding, trim and other building materials our parent company no longer promotes. This could be due to color, SKU or line discontinuation or if they have too much inventory on hand.

Season to season, our inventory rotates so there is always something new for your next project!

Yes we do have samples! You can order online at this link below and we will ship them directly to you via FedEx.  Samples are $5.00 each.  In the sample packaging, you’ll receive a one-time $15.00 coupon code for when you place your order.

Order Samples Here!

When a manufacturer discontinues a color, our parent company discontinues a product line, or they simply have too much inventory on hand, that’s where your savings begin! Warehouse ‘71 takes over that inventory, checks it for quality and makes that inventory available to you, for 30-50% below retail price.

And our low prices don’t mean low service. We’re here to answer your questions, provide industry expertise, and help you find the right product for your home improvement project!

Absolutely! All of our products are first rate material directly from manufacturers. Even if you’re purchasing discontinued color or SKU, the manufacturer warranty still applies to your purchase so you can be confident your purchase is protected.

Manufacturer warranty information is found on product pages in our store and on our Resources page. If you have questions about the warranty, please reach out to us!

Buying from Warehouse '71

Go to our shop at warehouse71diy.com/store to find our wide variety of products. Add the products to your cart, proceed to the check-out screen, follow the instructions on the check-out screen and submit your order. Be sure to select a pick-up appointment time! You’ll receive a confirmation in your email with pick-up instructions.

All payments will be made through the check-out screen. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

We do deliver!  See questions below, or arrange to pick up your order at our South Windsor, CT warehouse location.

General Delivery Questions

Absolutely!  We have options based on your proximity to our facility.

Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for all options!

For the safety of your pet and the delivery drivers, all pets should be placed inside or restrained away from the delivery area.

YES! Before shipping your order, our team double check your order for accuracy and condition. Use the unloading process as an opportunity to check the condition of your product and the accuracy of the order. Don’t sign for your order until it is completely unloaded and checked.

If you experience any problems, contact us immediately at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com or 860-528-0495 and send us pictures so we can make it right! We have a limited window to file a claim with the carrier, so it is essential to get us the photos and details so we can get to work on solving the problem.

If the carrier delays your delivery due to inclement weather, we will work with the carrier to get you the next available delivery date. We’ll keep you informed throughout the whole process to ensure you can plan accordingly.

Warehouse '71 Order Pick-up

During the check-out process, you’ll select a pick-up appointment.

Before you come to Warehouse ’71, make sure you have the following items:

  • Appropriate pick-up vehicle, see requirements
  • Heavy duty straps and tie-downs
  • Order confirmation
  • Driver’s License or Identification

When you arrive, park in the designated Warehouse ’71 parking spots.

  • For box trucks, truck and trailers, or other large vehicles, pull through the gate into the lumberyard and park in the designated Warehouse ’71 parking spots.
  • All other vehicles park in the main parking lot.

Check in with the Warehouse ’71 Representative by calling the number on the parking sign.

  • Show the Sales Representative your order confirmation
  • Complete the Pick-Up Paperwork

Once you’re checked in, we’ll get you loaded up and on your way!

  • Our Operations team will load your vehicle with the forklift. If you did not bring a flat floor truck or trailer, you may need to hand load your order.
  • You, the customer will secure your load with straps and tie downs

Your safety and the safety of others is our priority. Many of our products are long, heavy, and cannot be transported by car, SUV or pick-up truck. For items on the list below, one of vehicles listed is required to pick-up your order. If you arrive without one of the required vehicles, we will hold your order until you can arrange the right vehicle. Additionally, you as the customer, will be responsible for straps and tie-downs to secure the load.

For many of our customers, renting a box truck is a convenient and inexpensive way to safely transport their orders. We recommend you renting from Budget or Penske. These box trucks have flat floors (do not have wheel wells protruding into the box), which allows our operations team to load your product quickly and without risk of damage.

U-Haul trucks DO NOT have flat floors and may require you to hand load your order. Use the deck length of the truck to assess if your order will fit. Do not use the total truck length as that includes the bulkhead which is not usable storage space.

ProductVehicle RequirementsTruck Rental Options
10′ Railing Components
9-11′ Lumber
15′ Box Truck
8′ Flat Trailer
Pick-Up w/ 8′ Bed
15′ U-Haul
12′ Moving Truck – (Budget)
12′ Decking, Fascia or Riser
12′ Lumber
15′ Box Truck
10′ Flat Trailer
16′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Budget)
16′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Penske)
15′ U-Haul (Hand Loading required)
13-14′ Lumber17′ Box Truck
12′ Flat Trailer
16′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Budget)
16′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Penske)
17′ U-Haul (Hand Loading required)
16′ Decking
16′ Siding
15-16′ Lumber
20′ Box Truck
16′ Flat Trailer
26′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Budget)
22′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Penske)
20′ U-Haul (Hand Loading required)
20′ Decking
17-20′ Lumber
26′ Box Truck
20′ Flat Trailer
26′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Budget)
22′ Flat Floor Moving Truck – (Penske)
26′ U-Haul (Hand Loading required)

Yes, you bring the saw, and we will bring the power! We will not cut boards for you,  but you can bring your own saw and we will provide you an electrical cord for power.

After Your Purchase

Schedules change and things come up, we get it! We just ask that you let us know by giving us a call us at 860-528-0495 or sending us an email at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com. Please include your name, phone number, order number, and new requested pick-up date. We’ll check our schedule to make sure we can accommodate you.

Please give us a call at 860-528-0495 or sending us an email at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com to reschedule your pick-up appointment. If you don’t reschedule your pick-up appointment within 30 days of your original pick-up appointment, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Due to the nature of our inventory and the closeout prices we offer to our customers, all sales are final. Warehouse ’71 does not accept returns or exchanges.

Our warehouse team works diligently to ensure all orders are free of damage. If you find that product in your order is damaged, call us at 860-528-0495 or send us an email at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com with your name, phone number, order number, and description of your concern.

We know we may not have everything you need to complete your project, due to the closeout nature of our inventory. For some product lines, we may be able to special order product to help you complete your project. call us at 860-528-0495 or send us an email at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com with your name, phone number, and the specific items you are looking for.

To cancel, please email us at customerservice@warehouse71diy.com with your name, phone number, order number, and reason for cancellation. Our Sales team will process the cancellation and you should receive your refund receipt within 2 business days. We’re sorry to see you cancel your order, but hope you find the right product for your project

        We understand your order may change. If you’re adding product, please place a second order. To subtract product from your order, email customerservice@warehouse71diy.com with your name, phone number, order number and specific changes you’d like made. Our Sales team will call you within 2 business days to process the refund for the cancelled items.

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