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Warehouse ‘71 DIYer Success Stories

Welcome back to another Warehouse ’71 DIYer Success Story—where we have the honor to proudly share our customers’ successful home remodeling projects. We love helping our customers and seeing their completed projects and we hope that this story will inspire you to choose Warehouse ’71 for your next project!

We are eager to share the insightful experience of our valued customer, Henry, who embarked on a transformative project to modernize a historic farmhouse nestled in Hadley, Massachusetts. Henry’s vision encompassed preserving the farmhouse’s original charm while breathing new life into spaces like the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room. He wanted to maximize the potential of these areas in order to take full advantage of the breathtaking view of the Connecticut River nearby.

An old historical house in the process of being remodeled.

Finding Warehouse ’71

While out shopping for Quartz countertops for the kitchen, a kitchen dealer recommended a visit to South Windsor, Connecticut, to inspect the slabs. It was during this excursion that Henry and his wife stumbled upon Warehouse ’71. Intrigued by the diverse array of building products, including Aluminum railings and composite decking, they decided to make a second trip to gather more details from Chris, Warehouse ’71’s knowledgeable guide.

“Chris has such a great smile and was so personable that it made it easier to relax and discuss the project without feeling any pressure.”

DIY Project Planning with Warehouse ’71

Upon entering Warehouse ’71, Henry and his wife were met with an impressive display of products that perfectly aligned with their remodeling needs. Aluminum railings and composite decking were just the tip of the iceberg—Warehouse ’71 boasted an extensive selection at very affordable prices. Chris took the time to educate Henry and his wife about the differences between decking materials so that they could make the best choice for them. This included giving them samples to take home and walking them out into the warehouse to see the material on a much larger scale, rather than a simple 4” sample. 

Henry and his wife were also on the fence about choosing the best railing for their deck. Their deck was 9 feet off the ground and there were safety concerns regarding sturdy railings. Originally, they were leaning towards cable rail, but decided upon the TimberTech Impressions black rail system in a 42” height. There were fears over the horizontal cables and having young grandchildren around, so a high vertical railing design was the best choice for them.

The realization that Warehouse ’71 provided top-notch, name-brand products at budget-friendly rates left a lasting impression on Henry.

"Shopping at Warehouse ’71 was an eye-opener because of the customer service and significant differences in pricing."

The Warehouse ’71 Difference

What set Warehouse ’71 apart for Henry was the consistency in customer service. Working with Chris throughout the project was a game-changer. There were a few points when Henry really needed Chris to have a conversation with their builder. Chris was happy to pick up the phone and give them a call. He explained about the products being used and answered questions about various product applications.

"You wouldn't have to explain the same project and ask the same questions to a bunch of different people like what you're used to with other companies. That would be hard to do since it's such a big project."

Feeling Inspired?

Shop the TimberTech® Decking

Warehouse ’71’s commitment to supplying high-quality products at unbeatable prices, coupled with the personalized assistance from Chris, made Henry’s remodeling journey smoother and more enjoyable. He emphasized the importance of thorough project planning before recommending a visit to Warehouse ’71 to explore their vast selections.

As the project nears completion, Henry envisions a grand celebration in the upcoming Spring, where he can showcase the remodeled historical farmhouse. Eager to express his gratitude, he plans to invite all builders and contractors who contributed to the success of the project. The integration of Warehouse ’71’s comprehensive product range and Chris’s expert guidance played a pivotal role in turning Henry’s vision into a stunning reality.

"Everything worked out great, and I'd highly recommend Warehouse ’71!"

A sunny deck and railing.
A sunny deck and railing with rocking chairs.

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