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Need a New Deck? 3 Reasons to Consider Ipe!

Ipe (pronounced “E-pay”) is recognized around the world as one of the best options for decking lumber. But what exactly is Ipe? And what makes it so unique?

Ipe wood originates from Central and South America, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “Brazilian Walnut.” Its physical properties make it one of the strongest types of wood, superior to other wooden or synthetic materials when it comes to exterior projects. 

Read on to learn more about why Ipe lumber might be a great choice for your deck project!

Ipe Beats the Heat!

Who wants to step out onto a scorching hot deck while trying to enjoy a big scoop of ice cream, a cold drink, or a few hours in the swimming pool on a mid-July summer day? Other materials tend to absorb more heat, sometimes making it unbearable to walk on while barefoot. With Ipe, you don’t have to worry about getting burned! It stays cool on the surface and retains less heat than metal, plastic, or composite decking alternatives. Ipe lumber is an ideal choice if your deck will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Number One in Durability and Naturality!

Ipe lumber is extremely durable and naturally beautiful with rich brown colors and tones. Due to its high density, Ipe expands and contracts less than other decking materials. This means no awkward gaps between boards, so quality won’t be compromised no matter how hot or cold the weather is. Ipe contains a high concentration of tannic acid, a naturally occurring substance that wards off pests! Insects won’t damage this wood, and neither will mold, mildew, or other harsh elements! Splinters? You won’t have to worry about those either—Ipe is less prone to cracks or splits! This is especially a safer option if you have children or pets with exposed paws. 

All these benefits make Ipe a great choice for buyers who are looking for decking products they won’t have to worry about replacing again, as Ipe has been known to last fifty years or more when cared for properly. In addition to durability and natural beauty, Ipe wood is also free of harmful chemicals, environmentally sustainable, and biodegradable—talk about a “win-win-win” situation!

Easy to Maintain!

Ipe lumber is super easy to take care of—just clean and sand it like you would any other deck! If you choose to apply a UV protectant oil after cleaning, please refer to the product manufacturers’ instructions for best finishing results. Ipe that is untreated with oil will gradually turn silver with age and sun exposure. This is a natural process and will not affect the quality of the deck boards, nor will it cause them to become weathered or cracked like other types of wood. Using oil or not is purely an aesthetic preference.

A display featuring the comparison of oil treated versus nontreated ipe wood.
Ipe display boards
If you are considering Ipe for your deck project, stop in today to check out our inventory!

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