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Cedar: What’s Sensational About It?

The Classic All-American Deck

There’s a reason why cedar has earned its title as a long-renowned and go-to decking material throughout the years—it’s a classic! Ask anyone to name any type of wood. Cedar may very well be the first to come to mind! Its natural charm creates a beautiful aesthetic well-suited for any type of home.

Are you interested in building a new deck but can’t decide which type of lumber would work best for your project? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Warehouse ’71, we want to help that decision-making process run smoother by discussing the advantages of one of the most popular types of lumber used for decking. 

Doesn’t Absorb Much Heat, So It Stays Cool Under Your Feet!

If your deck is going to be exposed to sunlight often, cedar won’t get too hot. In fact, it is the second-coolest type of wood there is after Ipe. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the darker the wood’s surface, the hotter it will become. Since cedar tends to be lighter in color, it tends to stay cooler.

Deck in the sunlight.
Cedar vs. Pressure Treated

Customers often wonder why they should choose cedar decking over the less expensive option of pressure-treated lumber. For one thing, insects hate cedar! It gives off a natural aroma which smells great to us, but bad for the bugs. It contains natural oils and elements that enhance moisture absorption resistance while warding off pests, so you won’t have to worry about deterioration or decay. Due to its natural resistance to rot and insects, cedar requires less maintenance than pressure-treated lumber.

Pressure-treated lumber has changed over the years; the synthetic chemicals it is loaded with to prevent these types of infestations are no longer very harmful. With that being said, these chemicals must be upkept, or else they will lose their efficiency. Cedar has been known to last up to twenty years, depending on level of maintenance. Pressure-treated won’t last as long since it often ranks high in moisture retention and can take over six months to dry completely. This could be a setback to homeowners needing to add a finish to their decking. Also, due to its high moisture content, Pressure-treated wood is more prone to twisting and cupping as it dries. 

With all these things in mind, it should be noted that routine maintenance and re-sealing is required for cedar decking. If it is not treated, it will degrade.

Cedar deck.
Composite deck board.
More Reasons to Consider

Cedar is an attractive type of wood in both its stained and unstained state. While it can be sanded, and stained, it also provides a great rustic and weathered look when unstained. However, it will still need at least a basic sealing every few years. It is not the least expensive wood type but is more affordable than other types. Environmentally friendly, renewable, and biodegradable, it is sourced from sustainable forests and actually helps reduce global warming by diminishing the amount of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases that are released into the air.

In Conclusion

Cedar is a well-known, classic decking wood. Its natural charm, minimal heat retention, easier maintenance, environmental sustainability, and weather/pest resistance makes it a more attractive decking option over pressure treated lumber’s synthetic properties. Although not quite as high in quality as top choice Ipe wood, cedar is a close second, lower-priced alternative.

If you are considering cedar for your deck project, stop in today to check out our inventory!

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