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3 Terrific Ipe Deck Maintenance Tips

Check out these terrific tips for your new ipe deck!

If you are visiting this page, chances are you just finished installing a deck made out of ipe wood, or because you are considering an ipe decking addition to your home!

As previously mentioned, ipe is hard—one of the hardest types of wood there is. Its tough characteristics make it a low maintenance decking option for your busy lifestyle! Even so, a deck constructed from ipe wood cannot be completely neglected—low maintenance does NOT equal no maintenance. Your deck will still require regular cleaning and preservation from dirt, debris, and any harsh weather aftermath.

Ipe Necessities — Time to Clean and Prep!

An ipe deck should be swept of any leaves or dirt. Remember to move any outdoor furniture to properly reach all areas of the deck and prevent buildup of debris. Avoid placing any furniture or decorations that are prone to rusting on your deck.

A woman sweeping her deck.

What about Possible Spills and Scratches?

When it comes to backyard barbeques and other gatherings with family and friends, accidents are bound to happen sometimes. Luckily, there are a couple of ways these can be taken care of!

Hose off any spills as soon as possible, but avoid using a power washer, as these risk damaging your deck. Using harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your deck is also not recommended. Stubborn surface stains are best removed by using a gentle scrubbing motion with a wood-safe cleaner and a soft bristle brush or sponge.

You can also use a hand-held orbital sander with light-to-medium sandpaper around 120-150 grit for removing darker stains and light scratches. But be careful not to sand too much, as this could create uneven patches on your deck’s surface! After sanding is completed, sweep and wash your deck as normal and allow to dry completely before applying any sealers.

A man using a sanding device.

Refer to the video below for more information from Chris on how to best remove stains and scratches from your ipe deck. You can also check out our previous blog, Need a New Deck? 3 Reasons to Consider Ipe where we discuss the benefits of owning a deck made from ipe wood!

The Optional — Sealers

Ipe wood naturally comes in an array of beautiful, rich colors which increases its desirability amongst consumers. However, like other wood types, its color tends to turn silver over time with long-term exposure to sunlight. If you don’t mind the natural, graying colors of aging wood, sweeping and washing your deck is all you have to worry about.

However, if you plan to preserve the darker brown and olive tones of your brand new deck, then you must apply an oil-based sealer at least once a year. This sealer acts as both a deck finish and a UV protectant to lock in the rich and vibrant color.

It is important to always double check that whichever products you decide to use are safe on ipe wood. We recommend Deckwise Ipe Oil.

Staying proactive and catching problems such as stains and scratches early will create less headaches later and will make your deck upkeep more manageable. By following these helpful tips, you can be certain that your ipe deck will be looking like new for years to come!

A display featuring the comparison of oil treated versus nontreated ipe wood.
Ipe display boards
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